Wondering how to gain and keep your customer’s loyalty? Here is how

July 24, 2016

Customer management simply means maintaining a good and conducive relationship between a company and its customers. This is quite vital since in order for a company to grow, it should be able to maintains its current and win more customer. This will only be possible if there is a healthy relationship between a company and its customers. Here are tips on how to effectively and efficiently manage your customers
For starters, win your customers. This involves identifying your first time customers and working towards converting them to forever loyal customers. This is where u learn your new customers, acquire information on their needs and desires and know how so satisfy them so that they can stay glued to you.
Convert your new customers to trustworthy customers who can campaign for your products. In order to achieve this, you should be keen on the following:
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Be sensitive to you customers. This simply implies that you should always respond to your consumer’s questions, queries and praises. This tends to make them feel appreciated and recognized. Through your purchaser’s questions, you are able assist them get more access to your products or services and also know where you need to upgrade through their queries. Their praises are also important since you are able to know how you impact on their lives and from there you can maintain it that or even make your commodities better.
Maintain a friendly atmosphere with your customers. Every client wants to feel needed and appreciated. Being friendly to them will go a long way into winning their attention to your products. Not all customers will always be polite to you, some may even try to shun down your product but remember that you need them more than they need you and therefore you should try convince them otherwise in a polite way. Furthermore, such critics will only help you improve on your products so look at the brighter side and accommodate them.
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Always be an edge above your customers with regards to your products. This will make them feel safe and secure to use your services and products. when you notice any flaws, be quick to address it. You can inform your customers about it and let them know what you did or what you are doing to rectify it. This will save you from the claws of your critics and also lessen disappointments and questions from your clients.
Don’t keep your customers on waiting for long. When they have queries or questions, always be quick at responding to them. By doing this your customers feel that they are really of importance to you and they will consider you a competent and reliable company. It is advisable as a company to always have someone ready to respond to your customer, be it on the help desk or on social media.
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Be appreciative. Everyone wants to feel acknowledged including your customers because were it not for them, your product will definitely be out of the market. You can do this by giving them gift hampers or small thank you notes.
Following the above tips religiously will guarantee you the desired results. It is definitely make you be able to maintain your customer’s loyalty


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Image is important and Your brand reflects you! Here is how to have a picture perfect Brand

July 18, 2016

As a business person how you brand your company will go a long way to determine how fast your market grows. Branding basically is a marketing process by use of a unique symbol, name, design or image captures the attention of your targeted customers and communicates to them what your company is about and at the same time, differentiates your products from others. It is an art that requires critical thinking and creativity and in order to come up with a comprehensive brand, here are things you need to put into consideration.

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Your customers are what you should first have in mind when coming up with a brand. This is because Your success or failure depends solely to their reactions towards your products. You should begin by identifying your target audience, know what attracts them and use that information to your advantage. For instance, if your company deals with children’s products, you can use animations to come up with a brand since animations are mostly related with kids by the society.


The type of product your company produces determines what and what not to include when coming up with a brand. Whatever you decide to include should not only emulate your products, but also create an impression on the mind of your potential customers of what your company deals with. You should be able to use the art of branding and come up with a simple image or symbol to communicate volumes about your products.


Your brand should be accommodative to time. It should be able to cut across different generations without getting outdated and still be appealing to your audience. This is because constant changing may create a lot of confusion may make your customers loose familiarity with your company with time.


Shape is vital when coming up with a logo. The shape you settle for should accommodate the different sizes the logo may appear in i.e. whether in a small sticker or on the billboard, one should still be able to identify your logo easy


Color is also a type of language and you should be sensitive to which color to use. The color you choose should not only attract your intended clients but also communicate to them. For instance, you can choose to use blue when dealing with a product that is supposed to give your consumers a sense of security and harmony.

A catchy tagline is very important since not only should it be easily memorable but also be able to express your company’s intentions. A simple tagline can win you a lot of customers and widen your market.

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Always know what your direct competitors are doing. Know the naming trends they are taking and how to differentiate yourself from them. The type of symbol or image you choose should be able to give your products an upper hand from your competitors.


Get to know your potential customers’ sentiments. Know what comes to their minds when they hear the name or see your logo. If it communicates the message you intended to put across then well and good; if not try upgrade your brand.


If you put the above tips into consideration, you are assured of nothing less than success in the field of branding. When you get your branding correct, you will definitely win more customers and enjoy a wide market.

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Importance of good online reputation for your business

July 4, 2016

Online reputation management is about using the internet to make the public or target customers have a particular perception about your company that is geared to work to your advantage. I know that sounds so cool!! With the internet you can strategically manipulate people’s opinions about you.

Well, you may not see the importance of a good online reputation now but you will by the end of this article.


Boost sales

A good online reputation goes a long way into boosting your sales.  Most people when looking for something they hop from one website to another with the hope of getting what they are looking for. With good OR, they will automatically choose your product or service over your competitors since they will feel that what you are offering is what’s the best they can find.


Building trust and gain customer loyalty.

A good OR is like a guarantee to your clients that your company is the best of the best when it comes to offering a particular service or product. Once you have won your client’s trust, automatically you have their loyalty and thats how you get to maintain your customers.


Gives you room to show your best side.

Online Reputation management is all about putting all your positive achievements on the table and using them to fish for more clients as well as maintaining them. It gives you an opportunity to tell the whole world how good you are and why they should work with you in case they need your services.

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When you get invited to a job interview, what is the first thing you will do before you attend the interview? Yes, you are right, you will automatically check out your prospective client’s website plus content online about them to familiarize yourself with the company. No one wants to work for a shady company or one with a bad reputation.


Helps counter attack your enemy

Someone might post negative content about your company and we all know that bad news travels far. It is the work of you Online Reputation management team to ensure such bad news are contained and overpowered by positive vibe.



These are just but a few of the reasons why good OR is important. I bet you too now see its importance. For those wondering where and how they can get Online Reputation management done for them, I can recommend Pamoja Media East Africa. They are a digital marketing organization based in Nairobi, Kenya. I am a witness to a good job done by them. You can check them out on



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Importance of having a good mobile application

June 9, 2016

If there is one electronic device that is greatly used by the human population is a mobile phone. This basically means it is a vital gadget and it  is very useful in the everyday life of those who own it. The smart phone revolution took the mobile phone industry by a storm. Today a greater portion of cell phone owners have a smart phone.


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A smart phone comprises of mobile applications. These mobile applications serve as a ready and easy to use platform for users to access different services. This basically tells you that mobile apps are the epitome of smart phones. Wondering why as an entrepreneur it is advisable that you own a mobile? This is why:

Build loyalty

One way to trap your customers and make them loyal to you is by creating a mobile app for them. I will use a good example, if you bank with a particular bank that owns an app that allows to do all your bank transactions even if you are stuck in traffic; why would you leave such for a bank that allows you to only access them online via their website? I mean a mobile app is just a tap a way from accessing the service that you need.

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Increase visibility and reinforce your brand

Okay, we have seen you on TV, billboards, magazines, social media etc. That’s not enough. We need to see you when we wake up and check my phone. The first thing that most of us do when we wake up is to check our phone. Owning a mobile up only means your company will be amongst the 1st things we see every time we wake up. The human brain works in an amazing way. The more you see something the more deeply rooted is becomes in your subconscious. This means you will have stamped your brand in me to the extent that when I need to use a particular service that you offer I will think of your first think of your company.

Increase accessibility

Who wants the hustle of accessing a particular service? No one. Making it easy for your customers to access you every time they are in need will make them feel as if you are very much convenient to them and they wouldn’t want to change that for another company that makes them have to put in much more effort to access the same product or service.

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Boost customer interaction

Mobile usage = App usage. This basically means with a mobile app, since accessibility is easy, many people will be interacting with you for different reasons. Its like having a nice scented flower, it will attract as many nectar sucking Insects as possible. That’s what a mobile app will do. It will attract as many customers as it can



These are just but a few of the reasons why you need to have a good mobile application. If you don’t own any or need an upgrade of one, contact They are a digital marketing agency and do a marvelous work when it comes to mobile app development.

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What We do as Pamoja Media East Africa

May 18, 2016

Pamoja Media East Africa is a digital marketing Agency in Kenya situated in Kilimani Nairobi. We comprise of a team of diverse and hardworking individuals who strive to deliver to our client exceptional services. Below are some of the services we offer


Brands that understand their customer personas are in a unique position to connect with their customers without conjecture. This allows brands to develop a voice that speaks directly to their audience’s needs. Along with this consistent voice their needs to be a supporting story-a story that is able to crystallize your brands existence for your audience while making your audience the hero.

branding   branding1

Search Engine Optimization

It is every organization’s dream to have as many people as possible visiting their website. If this does happen, it simply means a lot of people either know or would like to know about you. SEO is the process of ensuring a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering. This definitely is a good thing since you are able to gain more customers in the process. Pamoja Media has a dedicated team that fully understands SEO and will work to ensure your business gets the attention it deserves.


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Website Development

In today’s rapidly moving business environment it is not enough for an organization to have a web site and equate that with having a web presence. Organizations can benefit from utilizing smart strategy to create world class websites. Pamoja Media’s team  has observed that websites generally fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Product or Service Marketing (e-commerce)
  • Lead Generation
  • Awareness
  • Support
  • Blogs





Communication Strategy

At Pamoja Media we have worked with organizations to conduct communications audits and assessments to better understand how they currently engage with key audiences, what works well and where the gaps are. We support participatory processes to devise strategies and plans which deliver high quality communication products whilst building capacity and encouraging continuous learning.







Online Strategy

Online marketing is all about giving an online face to your business. At Pamoja Media, we listen to your needs and understand the need to have a piece of the cake when it comes to online presence. We understand that you want to reach more customers and work tirelessly to close any gap that exists between your brand and your customers. Through online marketing, your brand easily becomes the brand that people relate to whenever they think of the product or service your business offers. Times are changing and everyone is living life online so it’s a big risk to not market your business online. So why not talk to people who know their way around the internet?

Online Placemant1


Photographs can help you tell your story and sell your brand. At Pamoja Media, we believe in capturing quality images for our clients that will make that first impression worth the while.






Social Media Marketing

It has been said that if only you had 10 dedicated people you can change the world.  The power in this statement lies within the quality of those dedicated followers. The same can be said of social media marketing. Pamoja Media’s integrated approach to online marketing means that after crafting an effective messaging strategy that resonates with your organization’s user persona that we could then assist you in selecting the most appropriate social networking channels to share your messages with a truly dedicated following.  In doing so your brand will be in a unique position to take actually be part of the conversation. Contact us to learn more about how Pamoja Media can help your organization take advantage of social media.

These are just some of the services we offer. Have a look at the capabilities page to have a comprehensive view of the services we offer.

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Optimize your content using Google Analytics

April 20, 2016

Are you wondering which type of content will please your readers, what will excite them and make them come back for more? Well since you are not a mind reader, you cannot know what each and every one of your customers may want. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can become your audience’s “Mind reader”. I know you are wondering how this works but worry not, I will take you through it.

So where do I find information about my site visitor on google analytics? Simple, go under the behavior section. Here you will find information on the pages that your visitors visit and the activities they do while there. You are able to get information on page views and conversations as well as information on which type of content attracts most of your customers.

You then go to “Site Content” followed by “All Pages”. Once here you will see:

Page Views: You will see the number of people who viewed your page.

Unique Page views: Counts every unique Page visit

Average time on page: This is the average time spent by your visitors on a particular page.

Entrances: The number of times people entered your site through a particular page.

Exits: The percentage of times your visitors left your site through a particular page.

Bounce Rate: This is the percentage of single page visits.

Page Value: Its shows you the dollar value of each page on your site.

From here you are able to know your most effective content by checking the content with the highest number of views.

Know what your audience are hoping to find on your site by using site search. Go to “Behavior” then “Site Search” From here you will get information on:

  • The keywords used by your Audience to search for content.
  • Your audience’s interests.

Find which content drives off your visitors. Go to “Behavior, “Site Content” then “Exit” From here you can view which pages make your visitors exit your site. You can Edit the page or add more relevant content to it to make it much more appealing.

View your most popular landing page. A landing page is the page people use to enter your site. To access it go to “Behavior”, “Site Content” then “Landing Page”. From here you will find out which content does drive people to your site via organic search, Social Media or referrals from other sites. You can further proceed to “Secondary Dimension”, “Acquisition” then to “Source or Medium” from here you will find out the source of your landing page visitors.

With all this information you have no excuse to have poor content on your site. You have all the information on your what your visitors like on your site and what they don’t. Use this information to optimize your content.

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