Email marketing

October 22, 2015

The introduction of internet into the world, marketing also got transformed from physical marketing like billboards and Television commercial breaks to internet marketing. There are many types of internet marketing, but we will solely focus on email marketing.

Email marketing is the use of electronic mail as a platform to communicate in a manner that convinces your audience to buy your goods or service. There are a couple of reasons that make email marketing a conducive platform for someone to market themselves. They includes:

Cost: Email marketing is cheap compared to other form of advertising. You will spend little money to send emails to a group of people than to put up a billboard or an advert on the dailies.

Direct: With email marketing, you directly email your target audience. It gives you an avenue for a one on one communication hence chances of a successful advertising are high.
Measureability: Thanks to today’s technology you can track responses to your emails and with that you can know weather or not your campaign is on the right track or not..
Effective: Most if not everyone checks their email on a daily basis. This means probability of your message reaching your recipient without being ignored is very high.


For successful email advertising you should put the following into consideration.

Creativity: The overall design and look of your email; from the choice of words used to how text have been arranged and the quality of images used if there is any is very important.It can determine is someone will read it to the end or just the introduction and ignore the mail.
Relevance: As you draft your email, make sure it well sound relevant to your recipient.

Good timing: Send your mail at convenient time so as to ensure your audience receives the mail as they go about their daily activities. Don’t email them at night when they are a sleep.

Have a landing page: A landing page is where you will direct your audience to.Having a landing page is good since it takes your visitor to the exact place you want them to be and it directs them to the exact task you want them to do.

Most people are not that patient. Some will read the introduction to have an idea of what the email is about then ignore the rest and look for links that will take them to the landing page. Others will read the entire email then click on the links while others will not read at all but will click on the links directly to the landing page. To capture all these three different types of personalities, it is best that you evenly distribute your links or make sure they appear on the first or second paragraph.

Email marketing has more advantages than disadvantages. You should therefore  make a point to integrate it as a form of internet marketing.   

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How to effectively reach your consumers through targeted online advertising

September 3, 2014

Online advertising is definitely the way to go with today’s advanced  world. This is because good number of people spend most of their time online. The internet also gives you an opportunity to reach a large group of people within a beyond a given locality . Here are things you should consider when venturing into online advertising:


Know where to find your audience online. It is true that your customers spend most of their time online, but you should know where exactly they are mostly found. Most people are found on social media, you should therefore post most of your online ads on this social networks.

Get the right content. Your ability to keep your customers glued and interested in your products or services completely relies on your content. If your content isn’t catchy enough your audience will get bored and will not bother about the product or service you are trying to sell.

Don’t limit your self to banner ads only. Be versatile and try out many forms of advertising like videos. Videos tend to capture more attention than banner ads. Posting your video ads on social networks such as you tube will definitely assure you of a large audience.

Trade traffic. Find relevant websites where you can list your URL . Make sure the link is of high quality. This will help drive traffic to your website.

Make word of mouth advertising work for you. The best way to achieve this is  by having information that you know can easily go viral and can only be found in your website. People tend to tell others to check out the information and this will definitely bring traffic to your website, hence making you be able to have an audience to sell your products or services to.

Venture into article marketing. This basically means writing and submitting different informative to different article directories. With the right article you will definitely attract a number of people.

Blog it up. Create a blog specifically for your commodities where you only post things related to your business. This will give you a platform to not only persuade, but also to inform people about your products and services.

These tips will not only make your business more visible only, but also give you the expected returns with regard to profits. This may not be realized immediately, but its the best approach to get word out about your business.

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Do you want to augment returns through online advertising? Here is how

August 19, 2014

Advertising is a very important marketing strategy. It helps make people aware of your products and at the same time to lure them into buying them.Today, most people worldwide spend most of their time online. It is therefore important to venture into digital marketing in order to be able to capture a large audience without limiting yourself to a specif locality. Here are tips to help you successfully venture into online marketing.

For starters you should know your target audience. With this knowledge you will be able to come up with things that will capture their attention during the internet advertising campaign.


Optimize your site for search engines. This will give you an upper hand since your company will pop up among the first names that will come up when someone types certain words. In order to achieve this, strategically insert keywords on the text of your website page.

Always put your URL on everything related to your business. Be it your business cards, letter heads, e-mail signatures, brochures, fliers etc. This will enable your customers and potential clients to be aware that you have a company website and are able to log in to it in case they need anything from your company.

Create a blog for your company. Through the articles present in the blogs, your are able to inform your blog visitors about you company via the articles present in that blog.

Come up with a customer’s e-mail list. Use this list inform your customers of any offers, discounts or any news that affects them. Doing this will make your customers feel valued and you will win their loyalty and at the same time be able to attract new clients.

Join reciprocal links and banners. Through this, other companies will include your links and banners on their sites while you do the same on your site. This will go a long way in advertising your company to a larger audience.

Start up a page for your company on social media. This will increase your relation with your customers and will increase your chances of winning your customer’s loyalty and also be able to persuade new clients.

Make your website as attractive as possible. Where images are present make sure they are of a high resolution and the content on the website is well done and information is clearly put across.

The above steps should ideally help you get started on a proper online campaign and ensure that you get the returns for the same. For further assistance talk to us today.

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Do you want to know how to advertise your business online in a smart way? Here is how

August 7, 2014

With today’s technological advancements, most people invest on online advertising. As an Entrepreneur, you should have a strategic plan to use when it comes to internet advertising so as to get positive feedback. Here are smart tips to help you in your internet marketing campaign.


Gain you client’s trust. The only way to do this is by creating a good rapport with your customers. You should make them feel appreciated and at the same time be as professional as possible. Make sure to include your credentials on your website and go an extra mile to state how they will benefit your clients. This way you can surely convince them that you are able to deliver and satisfy their needs.

Be clear on what services you are offering. Never assume that the client is able to figure out to details what services or products you are offering. Make sure to breakdown your services to terms which your clients can easily identify with.

Be accommodative. Try sell your products or services in a manner that can accommodate most if not all types of people. Explain to your clients how you can customize your products or services in a manner that will suit their needs. This way you will be able to gain a wide range of customers.

Make sure your contacts are easily visible from your email address, telephone number, fax number etc. There is no point marketing yourself then afterwords after convincing your potential clients you give them a difficult time contacting you.

Make sure your website ranks well on search engines. This way your clients are able to easily find you on the internet. You will also be able to get a lot of visitors which increases your chances of getting new clients.

Follow up on your clients. You can get your customers’ Emails and use them to contact and follow them up. Get their views about your services, what they would like improved and what they would like maintained. This way you will be able to know if you are on the right track and what you may need to polish.

Get testimonials on your website and banner ad if possible. This will make your customers feel safe to use your products or services since  other clients have also used them and consider it commendable.

Network with other websites. You can organize with other good websites to run your banner ad on their website . This will help you create traffic for your website which will increase your chances of getting new clients.

This tips will surely see you through your online advertising campaign. Following them to the letter will guarantee you nothing less than success. Try them and watch yourself succeed.

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Elements of Good Advertising

July 4, 2014

Advertising is a marketing language which is aimed to inform and encourage your target audience to buy a certain product idea or to take a certain action. Advertising is a very important organ of every business because it helps market company’s products or services and win customers. For effective advertising, the following elements should be considered when coming up with an advert.

Know your target audience. This will help you know what to include in your advert that will attract them and what not to include. For example, when you want to sell a certain product to teenagers, you can make use of calligraphy, vigorous music etc. This is because this is what tends to attract most teenagers and you will be able to easily get their attention as compared to using the same with the older generation.

Ensure your website is appealing to the eye. It should look professional, conceivable and the photos should be as clear as possible with no blurs, lens flares. This will play a big role in grabbing your audience’s attention. Take note that your customers will judge you from the appearance of your website.

Win your audience’s confidence to your product. Let them feel safe to use whatever product you are advertising to them. Without achieving this your advertising efforts will be of no use since people only use things that they  trust. You can get specialists to comment on the product in order to win your audience’s trust. Also make sure to have a testimonials page where you can post your customers’ testimony of your company.

Your advert should be precise  so that the intended message can be easily understood and not confusing by your audience. Complexity tends to turn off a lot of people and others get lost hence you may be unable to reach out to a large amount of people.


A call of action must be included in your advert. Persuading someone to buy a certain product or service without telling them what to do next may render your advert useless. This is the climax of your advert; You are telling your audience what you want them to do after convincing them that the product you are advertising will benefit them. Your call of action should be clear and straight to the point.

Taking the above elements into consideration in your advert will guarantee you a successful advert that will move your target audience to buy your idea or product. Try them and watch a you advert move a lot of customers to your side.

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How to get your Interactive Strategy Right

June 30, 2014

One of the most important aspects of having a successful online presence, is having an interactive strategy that is in line with the company’s goals and customer needs. Thoughtful and successful web initiatives are some of the factors that greatly influence business practices. That means, to design the right digital strategy, you must understand your client’s business – offline and online, on all customer touch-points- so as to understand the insights, create objectives and also identify key issues that you will need more focus. Lets look at some of the key factors that will help create the strategy for your business.

Step 1: Come up with a strategy. After making your research and acquiring the information that you need with regards to interactive marketing, strategize on how you will use this information to your advantage.

Step 2: Write content that answers your customers questions and queries other than writing about you; Let your customers and other people write and comment about you instead.

Step 3: Make sure your content fully engages your audience. Your content should be catchy and at the same time easy for your audience to understand. Its purpose should also be clearly evident.

Step 4: Whatever you choose to write on, it should be relevant to your readers. This means you should carry out your research and know the type of audience you attract and write content that is relevant to them.

Step 5: Have call of action at the end of your content. This tends to give your reader a sense direction on what to do next once they are done reading your content.

Step 6: Create a calender of when you will be posting new content. This will help you be organized and avoid repetition or confusion of any kind. You will know when to put updates on Facebook, when to upload videos on You tube etc.

Step 7: Be creative with your content. The more creative you are with what you write the more people you attract and are able to interact with you. In interactive marketing strategy, what you write has the power to attract or repel people. You should therefore be as tactful as you can when you write.

Step 8 : Always evaluate your work. People’s comments are quite vital and will help you be able to know where you stand as a company. If possible, you can also have a team of people to go through your content before you post it to ensure it is fit for your audience.

Incorporating these 8 steps above in your interactive marketing strategy will assure you the desired out come.

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