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Email marketing is often one of the most overlooked aspects of online marketing.  But by no means does this mean that is is the least effective.  To the contrary it is actually quite the opposite.  According to Silverpop’s Bill Nussey email marketing provides twice the ROI of other online channels.

Part of the reason that email marketing tends to take a backseat to its counterparts could be that email marketing is best suited for marketing to current customers; whereas the other online marketing tactics tend to work best when you are looking to acquire new customers.

However, the prevailing view point is that customer retention is more cost effective than customer acquisition.  So at the very least if you are not investing the lion-share of your online marketing budget in email marketing you should at least maintain a balance between customer acquisition and customer retention.

That’s where Pamoja Media’s integrated approach to Internet marketing can yield tremendous value to your organization.  Email marketing utilizes most of the techniques found in Internet marketing as a whole.  Pamoja Media is able to handle each of these, as follows:

  • Creative design-including html
  • Copy writing
  • Social media elements
  • Content strategy

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