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Date: December 7, 2015


Website optimization basically is the process of driving visitors to a particular website and converting them to customers and it is very important if you want to achieve your business’s goals. It literally helps you study you visitors behaviour once they are on your site and from that you can read their psychology and come up with a strategy of presenting to them what they want, when they want it and gaining their trust hence making them become your customers.


Just as I said earlier, Website optimization is a process and below i will take you through that process step by step.

1.Conduct a Keyword research

This entails finding key words that have the right amount of competition; preferably low to medium and will help drive traffic to your site. I can recommend that you use Google Adwards tool to do your keyword research.

2.Content Optimization

This entails essential data that is of good grammar, adequate length and comprehensively explains what your website and business is all about. According to research, the longer your post the higher it ranks. You should therefore make your posts long enough. Excessively long post may tend to bore the reader before you are done informing them on what you had prepared for them.

3.Strategic positioning of keywords.

As you use keywords on your content, place them in a manner that they appear natural and are in-sync with your content. This will create a good flow as the reader reads through your content.

4.Perform and A/B Testing

This involves having two versions of a web-page and letting visitors of the same nature visit both. The one that wins you most conversions is the go for one. It basically helps you know what types of design, color, content etc persuades visitor to buy your product or service.

5.Split testing

This is a controlled experiment aimed at improving a website’s metric. A site’s incoming traffic to a website is distributed between the original and different variations without the visitor’s knowledge. The tester then gets statistical difference in behavior and the version with the greatest improvement is used.


6.Multivariate testing

This test changes multiples elements of a website or a mobile application e.g a headline and a picture at the same time. Two variations of the images and two variations of the headline are combined to create six versions of the content which are concurrently tested to find the best of the six which will be the one that will be adopted.

7.Website tracking

This involves tracking your visitor’s activities on your website. From this you can have a rough idea of what attracts most of your visitors and what triggers them to leave without having bought your product. With this information you can know how best to redesign your site or offers in order to get maximum conversions.

This tips will help convert your visitors to customers. In a nutshell, website optimization involves a lot of activities that are aimed at studying the behaviour of people who visit your site, reading their mind without them knowing and placing the grounds right for them to buy your product or service.

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