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Date: May 18, 2016


Pamoja Media East Africa is a digital marketing Agency in Kenya situated in Kilimani Nairobi. We comprise of a team of diverse and hardworking individuals who strive to deliver to our client exceptional services. Below are some of the services we offer


Brands that understand their customer personas are in a unique position to connect with their customers without conjecture. This allows brands to develop a voice that speaks directly to their audience’s needs. Along with this consistent voice their needs to be a supporting story-a story that is able to crystallize your brands existence for your audience while making your audience the hero.

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Search Engine Optimization

It is every organization’s dream to have as many people as possible visiting their website. If this does happen, it simply means a lot of people either know or would like to know about you. SEO is the process of ensuring a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering. This definitely is a good thing since you are able to gain more customers in the process. Pamoja Media has a dedicated team that fully understands SEO and will work to ensure your business gets the attention it deserves.


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Website Development

In today’s rapidly moving business environment it is not enough for an organization to have a web site and equate that with having a web presence. Organizations can benefit from utilizing smart strategy to create world class websites. Pamoja Media’s team  has observed that websites generally fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Product or Service Marketing (e-commerce)
  • Lead Generation
  • Awareness
  • Support
  • Blogs





Communication Strategy

At Pamoja Media we have worked with organizations to conduct communications audits and assessments to better understand how they currently engage with key audiences, what works well and where the gaps are. We support participatory processes to devise strategies and plans which deliver high quality communication products whilst building capacity and encouraging continuous learning.







Online Strategy

Online marketing is all about giving an online face to your business. At Pamoja Media, we listen to your needs and understand the need to have a piece of the cake when it comes to online presence. We understand that you want to reach more customers and work tirelessly to close any gap that exists between your brand and your customers. Through online marketing, your brand easily becomes the brand that people relate to whenever they think of the product or service your business offers. Times are changing and everyone is living life online so it’s a big risk to not market your business online. So why not talk to people who know their way around the internet?

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Photographs can help you tell your story and sell your brand. At Pamoja Media, we believe in capturing quality images for our clients that will make that first impression worth the while.






Social Media Marketing

It has been said that if only you had 10 dedicated people you can change the world.  The power in this statement lies within the quality of those dedicated followers. The same can be said of social media marketing. Pamoja Media’s integrated approach to online marketing means that after crafting an effective messaging strategy that resonates with your organization’s user persona that we could then assist you in selecting the most appropriate social networking channels to share your messages with a truly dedicated following.  In doing so your brand will be in a unique position to take actually be part of the conversation. Contact us to learn more about how Pamoja Media can help your organization take advantage of social media.

These are just some of the services we offer. Have a look at the capabilities page to have a comprehensive view of the services we offer.

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