A Good Mobile Application

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Date: November 12, 2015


With the evolution of telephone and growing usage of the internet, there are certain needs that have arose. At this time, age and error people no longer need to use an computer so that they can browse. Thanks to technology life has been made simple.


The internet has enabled people reach a large global market, build a good relations and communicate easily despite the distance. With the rise of smart phone came the need to not only make your website have a perfect look and feel on a computer but on a smart phone as well. Below a tips on how to come up with a good mobile app.


First and foremost do your research on your intended user. Depending on your target online market, find out what will attract them and make them want to buy the application and use it as well. For instance having a game application that targets male teenagers will really flop if you decide to use a pink flowery background.


Have a design prototype. This simply means putting down on paper how things will flow when someone uses the application. This is very important since it will be easy to explain to your client how the application will work and also reduces chances of you unknowingly altering the design are minimized.


Use familiar Mobile Patterns. This will help you enhance usability. Most people like things that are easy to operate and familiar to use. But don’t trade familiarity for copycat. What will be the essence of having an application that 100% resembles another existing application? Having an improvement of what’s already there is however allowed.


Learnability. When your application is totally new on the market make sure you slot in some set of instructions that the user can go through. Make it as simple as possible with understandable terms. That way it will be easy to learn how to use your application.


Make sure the over all design is appealing to the eye. Not everyone goes for what will help them others prefer things that look good and exciting.


Test your application as often as you can. This way you are able to know what’s working and what’s not. It’s also easy to detect a problem and fix it.


Your application should be flexible. It should be able to work well on all platforms and all screen size. An app that maintains consistency regardless of what you use to open it is ultimately a good app.


Put this tips into considerations when coming up with a mobile application and your outcome will certainly meet your clients expectations and be embraced by your desired market.

Post by Seline Awuor


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