Why you need social media for your business

March 29, 2016

Social media is a great asset to any business. A great percentage of the human population spend most of their time on social media. This means if you make your presence felt on social media you will definitely have reached a good number of people across the world. Here are reasons why you need social media for your business.

social media


It is easy to know your customer’s feelings

Most people have a tendency of expressing themselves on social media. When they get exceptional services from your business they will put it on social media and that will be a plus on your side. They will as well shun you down and criticize you when the service offered to them are poor and not to their expectation. Your presence on social media is therefore vital.


It’s a branding strategy             

Social media gives you the opportunity to continuously talk about your brand and market it to the maximum. This is because if people have inquiries you will have to answer them in a manner that promotes your brand. Likewise if you notice a problem and your brand can offer a solution you again have an opportunity to market yourself.


Transparency is maintained

Being found on social media as a company creates some level of trust to your customers. This is because they feel you have given them the freedom to air their queries about you in public. On your side you will want to protect your image and therefore you will have to respond to objections as fast as you can and in the best way possible. The way you handle complaints will affect your prospective customers. The better you handle queries the more you make your customers have confidence in you and more you are able to attract new clients.


Easy of reach

Most people feel they can better reach their service providers through social media. They find it easier to post their complaints, compliments and suggestions on social media. It is there for easy for both you and your client to find each other and communicate.


Most people spend their time on social media

In today’s world most people spend their time online or rather most work require them to be online. It there for makes sense you practically fishing for them where you know you can easily find them. It will therefore be a great loss for you not to cease the opportunity and use it to market your brand.

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Social media is there for a vital tool for your business. It can go a long way in giving you the recognition you need. It also gives you the platform to market your brand.

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Do you want to augment returns through online advertising? Here is how to

March 22, 2016

Advertising is a very important marketing strategy. It helps make people aware of your products and at the same time to lure them into buy them. Today, most people worldwide spend most of their time online. It is therefore important to venture into digital marketing in order to be able to capture a large audience without limiting yourself to a specific locality. Here are tips to help you successfully venture into online marketing.


For starter you should know your target audience. With this knowledge you will be able to come up with things that will capture their attention during the internet advertising campaign.

Optimize your site for search engines. This will give you an upper hand since your company will pop up amongst the first names that will come up when someone types certain words. In order to achieve this, strategically insert keywords on the text of your website page.

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Always put your URL on everything related to your business. Be it your business cards, letter heads, e-mail signatures, brochures, flyers etc. This will enable your customers and potential clients to be aware that you have a company website and are able to log in to it in case they need anything from your company.

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Create a blog for your company. Through the articles present in the blogs, you are able to inform your blog visitors about your company via the articles present in that blog.

Come up with a customer’s e-mail list. Use this list inform your customers of any offers, discounts or any news that affects them. Doing this will make your customers feel valued and you will win their loyalty and at the same time be able to attract new clients.

Join reciprocal links and banners. Through this, other companies will include your links and banners on their sites while you do the same on your site. This will go a long way in advertising your company to a larger audience.

Start up a page for your company on social media. This will increase your relation with your customers and will increase your chances of winning your customer’s loyalty and also be able to persuade new clients.

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Make your website as attractive as possible. Where images are present make sure they are of a high resolution and the content on the website is well done and information is clearly put across.

With the above tips followed to the latter, you will be able to sail smoothly into online advertising and get your desired outcome.

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What an Ad Network is and how it works.

January 19, 2016

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “Ad Network”? For most people, especially those not so much conversant with marketing will tell you it is something that involves advertising and a network. Now let me tell you from a professional perspective what an Ad Network is. An Advertising Network is a company that acts as a middle man between and advertiser and an advertising site. It links an ad space supply from a publisher to a matching advertiser’s demand.

I know you are wondering how all this works in details and that is exactly what I am going to explain to you.



For starters Ad Networks don’t include Television Ad Network or Print Ad Network, it exclusively include Online Ad Network. This means if I am an advertiser and i wish to advertise a product online, with the help of an Ad Network i will be able to be connected with an advertising site that are in sync with my specifications. The same happens on the other end of advertising site.

With high internet usage across the globe, it is more than evident that online advertising is more effective than any other form of advertising. With this in mind, ad Networks get good revenue since a high percentage of businesses advertise online.


Ad net5


There are large ad networks and small ad networks. For the large ones, they use premium brands and large numbers of impressions per month. Unbranded sites with fewer impressions may use small ad networks.

There are two types of ad networks:

First – tier: They own advertisers and publishers and they do have high quality of traffic

Second – Tier: Don’t own as much advertisers and publishers as first – tier. Their main source of income comes from syndicating ads from other advertising networks.

If you are wondering what role the advertiser and publisher plays in this system then this is what happens. The advertiser pays for his online campaign and the publisher can join the ad network in order to get ads displayed on their sites and payments are made based on adverts paid per impression or cost per click.

Publishers should ensure that their site’s design and content are of good standards. As a publisher you will own an administration page from which you will be able to check your site’s performance, select your campaign of choice that you want displayed on your site as well as view the payment history.


Ad Net2


Advertisers should look for ad networks that provide complimentary audience composition, reach and frequency. They should also be able to measure the impact in the efficiency of your overall online brand marketing objectives.
Pamoja Media East Africa does own an ad network that gives you access to the digital audience across Africa’s leading markets as well as North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. It also allows you to control every aspect of your ad space – pricing, ad space creation, advertiser approval and payment options.
There are a lot of advantages that comes with choosing Pamoja Media Ad Network as your ad network of choice. I will not say it all in details on this platform but have a look at in on

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Website Optimization

December 7, 2015

Website optimization basically is the process of driving visitors to a particular website and converting them to customers and it is very important if you want to achieve your business’s goals. It literally helps you study you visitors behaviour once they are on your site and from that you can read their psychology and come up with a strategy of presenting to them what they want, when they want it and gaining their trust hence making them become your customers.


Just as I said earlier, Website optimization is a process and below i will take you through that process step by step.

1.Conduct a Keyword research

This entails finding key words that have the right amount of competition; preferably low to medium and will help drive traffic to your site. I can recommend that you use Google Adwards tool to do your keyword research.

2.Content Optimization

This entails essential data that is of good grammar, adequate length and comprehensively explains what your website and business is all about. According to research, the longer your post the higher it ranks. You should therefore make your posts long enough. Excessively long post may tend to bore the reader before you are done informing them on what you had prepared for them.

3.Strategic positioning of keywords.

As you use keywords on your content, place them in a manner that they appear natural and are in-sync with your content. This will create a good flow as the reader reads through your content.

4.Perform and A/B Testing

This involves having two versions of a web-page and letting visitors of the same nature visit both. The one that wins you most conversions is the go for one. It basically helps you know what types of design, color, content etc persuades visitor to buy your product or service.

5.Split testing

This is a controlled experiment aimed at improving a website’s metric. A site’s incoming traffic to a website is distributed between the original and different variations without the visitor’s knowledge. The tester then gets statistical difference in behavior and the version with the greatest improvement is used.


6.Multivariate testing

This test changes multiples elements of a website or a mobile application e.g a headline and a picture at the same time. Two variations of the images and two variations of the headline are combined to create six versions of the content which are concurrently tested to find the best of the six which will be the one that will be adopted.

7.Website tracking

This involves tracking your visitor’s activities on your website. From this you can have a rough idea of what attracts most of your visitors and what triggers them to leave without having bought your product. With this information you can know how best to redesign your site or offers in order to get maximum conversions.

This tips will help convert your visitors to customers. In a nutshell, website optimization involves a lot of activities that are aimed at studying the behaviour of people who visit your site, reading their mind without them knowing and placing the grounds right for them to buy your product or service.

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How Landing Pages Can Boost Your Business

December 3, 2015

A landing page is a location on the internet or a page on the web whose main purpose is to to be selected by potential clients through promotional content. This page has forms through which visitors information can be captured and it is aimed at strengthen links and sales for a business.


Thanks to landing pages you can now study and read the minds of those who visit your site. You are able to break down everything to specifically what they are looking for. Tools like google analytics can help you track the effectiveness of your campaign. One can also optimize their landing page so as to analyze the data to determine factors about their audience, such as demographics and social preferences. Landing pages also give you room to play with your potential clients psychology by using colours that will create a sense of security and trust hence trigger them to buy your product. These are just but a few advantages of having a landing page. Below are ways in which landing pages can boost your business.


They create a home for your offers. As a business person having a landing page will give you a platform to which you can post your offers to your clients. This boosts your interaction with your your customers and your able to lure them to use your products.




Enables you create new leads and through them, you can can expand your business. You can also use your existing leads to track back your conversations and through this, you are able to weigh which of your clients are your potential business partners. It also enables you to collect adequate information on the activities of your potential sales contacts on your website which will help your sales team in their sales process.


It catalyses your marketing mediums. What you say to your visitors about your products or services determines your potential to convert them into loyal clients. Landing pages will definitely favour you as it gives the opportunity to write contents about your products. This gives you the platform to entice your visitors to use your products at the same time inform them about your company and your products.


It gives you information about the size of your prospects. Your sales team is able to collect valuable information about your potential clients after every conversation on your landing page. You are able to know your products attract which type of visitors and be able to know which type of offers may win you clients of that similar type. In summery, it makes your content optimization easy.


It creates other leads. It enables you capture other companies emails and social media to their home pages. With this you stand to benefit as you can easily get the required information about other companies and at the same time be able to convert them to potential clients.




It enables you know if your marketing offers are yielding any fruits and if they are, is the yield good or average. By tracking and analyzing your market performance you can be able to gauge your marketing performance and how effective they are. This can enable you know what you need to change or upgrade in relation to your marketing strategy in order to get to the heights that you desire.


It vastens your marketing. Landing pages enables you to use the internet to inform visitors regardless of their locality, of your products. A satisfying information that can persuade a visitor to use your products is all that is needed to convert him or her into a potential business client.


With having said all that, you now have no reason not to adopt the use of a landing page. You stand to gain a lot business wise and I guarantee you, taking the initiative to own one is definitely the right choice.

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How to build a successful online campaign?

November 27, 2015

Online campaign basically refers to using the Internet to capture customers through social media, emails, search engines etc. People nowadays spend almost all of their time online and as an entrepreneur, you can seize this opportunity to capture customers and market your product. Below are steps that will make you succeed in your online campaign.


It is essential to have a target before you begin your online marketing. Observe your customer trend i.e which type of customers are most attracted to your products, what’ s the number of customers that buy your goods either online or in your stores, how much money should you put aside for online marketing and what are you expecting back etc.

Create a website for your business. From this website, your customers and potential clients will be be able to get information about your products or services. Its will also enable them to transact from anywhere at anytime hence and this will enable you acquire new customers and efficiently serve your previous customers.

Content Optimization. Ensure that that your website is constantly updated with current content and use the correct techniques to improve your search results  and ranking. Its should also be appealing at all times and and full of quality information. Doing this will attract more customers to your site and with the right content, you can persuade them to buy your products.

With the website in place, advance your website through posting alert messages to other relevant website and get other website to post links to your website. This will go a long way in boosting your online campaign.

Make use of search engines and directories by registering with them and submitting your website. This will enable potential clients to find you easily and be able to effectively reach your customers.

Engage search engine marketing to lure potential clients to your site. Buy adverts that have specific keyword that clients usually type into search engines. This will enable them to easily locate your website easily and this will be to your advantage.

Do not leave behind search engine optimization. They are very important since they give your website accurate titles with basic information at the top. This is very important since catchy relevant information is what you need to easily and quickly attract your potential clients attention.


No man is an island. Buy or trade advertisement banners with other sites. This will enable you be able to sell your product to people visiting other sites as you also allow them to sell themselves through your site.

Online groups and mailing lists are also what you should make sure you join. They will go a long way in helping you spread information about your business free of charge. With this you stand to gain a marketing platform while saving on advertising costs.

To maintain your customers you should try get their email addresses and email them regularly on offers, discounts or any relevant information about your business.

Show appreciation to your campaign supporters. You can do this by sending them emails of appreciation, or simply saying saying thank you to them via the content in your website. This will create a friendly atmosphere and they may once again offer a helping hand in the future.

The internet is a very powerful medium and every success minded business person will explore it as an avenue for advertisement. Following the step above guarantees you success in your online campaign.

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