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Date: October 22, 2015


The introduction of internet into the world, marketing also got transformed from physical marketing like billboards and Television commercial breaks to internet marketing. There are many types of internet marketing, but we will solely focus on email marketing.

Email marketing is the use of electronic mail as a platform to communicate in a manner that convinces your audience to buy your goods or service. There are a couple of reasons that make email marketing a conducive platform for someone to market themselves. They includes:

Cost: Email marketing is cheap compared to other form of advertising. You will spend little money to send emails to a group of people than to put up a billboard or an advert on the dailies.

Direct: With email marketing, you directly email your target audience. It gives you an avenue for a one on one communication hence chances of a successful advertising are high.
Measureability: Thanks to today’s technology you can track responses to your emails and with that you can know weather or not your campaign is on the right track or not..
Effective: Most if not everyone checks their email on a daily basis. This means probability of your message reaching your recipient without being ignored is very high.


For successful email advertising you should put the following into consideration.

Creativity: The overall design and look of your email; from the choice of words used to how text have been arranged and the quality of images used if there is any is very important.It can determine is someone will read it to the end or just the introduction and ignore the mail.
Relevance: As you draft your email, make sure it well sound relevant to your recipient.

Good timing: Send your mail at convenient time so as to ensure your audience receives the mail as they go about their daily activities. Don’t email them at night when they are a sleep.

Have a landing page: A landing page is where you will direct your audience to.Having a landing page is good since it takes your visitor to the exact place you want them to be and it directs them to the exact task you want them to do.

Most people are not that patient. Some will read the introduction to have an idea of what the email is about then ignore the rest and look for links that will take them to the landing page. Others will read the entire email then click on the links while others will not read at all but will click on the links directly to the landing page. To capture all these three different types of personalities, it is best that you evenly distribute your links or make sure they appear on the first or second paragraph.

Email marketing has more advantages than disadvantages. You should therefore  make a point to integrate it as a form of internet marketing.   

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