How to optimise your website for the festive season

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Date: November 17, 2011



Once a Website starts using ‘Christmas’ in its marketing messages, then that’s enough evidence that the festive season is on.

Unfortunately, there are no statistics available regarding the amount Kenyans spend online during the festive season, but Americans spent $36.4 billion (over Kshs 3 trillion) online in 2010 during the holiday season until Christmas Eve. Even though we are light years of hitting such figures, you can still optimise your website for the festive season which will place your business as a contender for a rich, local harvest.

Content adaptation

Your content has to change to reflect the season. People usually use keywords such as ‘Christmas deals’, ‘Christmas bargains’, ‘Christmas offers,’ etc. Add these keywords to your products/service descriptions to give your website a good chance of earning a high rank on organic searches.

Season imagery

There’s a Christmas tree on the Orange website mentioned above.  Your site’s look and feel has to be in tune with the season’s mood.  You don’t have to decorate your whole site, just one image on the homepage and perhaps on the landing pages containing the festive season goods/services on offer will do.

Status updates

Your social media spaces such as Facebook and YouTube are great avenues to hype up your festive season offers to your fans. Mention your deals and then attach a link to your website for your fans to find out more information. Another advantage of using social media is that your fans will share your website’s links with their friends if the offers are juicy enough.

If you run a blog on your site, post season themed content.

Adwords campaign

A Google adwords campaign can fuel your festive season offers’ momentum. But before you spend money on it, ensure you conduct keyword research on Google’s keyword tool to both gauge how much traffic your keywords will generate for your website and how much competition there is for the keywords you choose. Select keywords that have a low to medium local search competition because that will reduce your pay per click costs.

After the end of the festive season, measure the campaign’s effectiveness using Google analytics.

Just don’t wait until the first of December to begin optimising your website for the festive season.

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