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Date: April 20, 2016


Are you wondering which type of content will please your readers, what will excite them and make them come back for more? Well since you are not a mind reader, you cannot know what each and every one of your customers may want. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can become your audience’s “Mind reader”. I know you are wondering how this works but worry not, I will take you through it.

So where do I find information about my site visitor on google analytics? Simple, go under the behavior section. Here you will find information on the pages that your visitors visit and the activities they do while there. You are able to get information on page views and conversations as well as information on which type of content attracts most of your customers.

You then go to “Site Content” followed by “All Pages”. Once here you will see:

Page Views: You will see the number of people who viewed your page.

Unique Page views: Counts every unique Page visit

Average time on page: This is the average time spent by your visitors on a particular page.

Entrances: The number of times people entered your site through a particular page.

Exits: The percentage of times your visitors left your site through a particular page.

Bounce Rate: This is the percentage of single page visits.

Page Value: Its shows you the dollar value of each page on your site.

From here you are able to know your most effective content by checking the content with the highest number of views.

Know what your audience are hoping to find on your site by using site search. Go to “Behavior” then “Site Search” From here you will get information on:

  • The keywords used by your Audience to search for content.
  • Your audience’s interests.

Find which content drives off your visitors. Go to “Behavior, “Site Content” then “Exit” From here you can view which pages make your visitors exit your site. You can Edit the page or add more relevant content to it to make it much more appealing.

View your most popular landing page. A landing page is the page people use to enter your site. To access it go to “Behavior”, “Site Content” then “Landing Page”. From here you will find out which content does drive people to your site via organic search, Social Media or referrals from other sites. You can further proceed to “Secondary Dimension”, “Acquisition” then to “Source or Medium” from here you will find out the source of your landing page visitors.

With all this information you have no excuse to have poor content on your site. You have all the information on your what your visitors like on your site and what they don’t. Use this information to optimize your content.

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