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Date: November 29, 2013


SID Kenya


The Society for International Development (SID) is a global network of individuals and institutions concerned with development, which is participative, pluralistic and sustainable. SID plays a crucial role in promoting dialogue between various stakeholders and interest groups, both locally and internationally.

The report examines the state of inequality in Kenya from the county, which is the highest level of administration to the ward, which is the lowest level of administration in socio-economic indicators like: demography, levels of poverty, gini coefficient, levels of consumption and expenditure, access to education, employment, water, sanitation, housing and use of energy for lighting and cooking.

Key Problem
Over the years, SID has carried out intensive research and produced reports on inequality in Kenya. The reports explore the current status of income and wealth inequality within the different counties in the country. This data in implementing the devolution process in Kenya.

The report is quite data intensive and text heavy covering 47 counties with over 2,000 data sets presented. SID wanted an online platform that would allow them to easily break down the information and present it to people interactively. Pamoja Media was tasked to develop the said platform, convert data into a web ready format and deliver the platform within a limited time due to an approaching national launch date.

The Solution
Pamoja Media was able to deliver the platform on time and within budget. Technical support was offered during the launch period to ensure uptime. Some social media marketing was also offered to the client. Services offered for this project included:

  • Web design & development – Pamoja Media team came up with a creative design concept with a user friendly interface without compromising on the site’s functionality
  • Data Management – Converting & uploading over 2000 different data sets – convert and upload the data contained in the reports onto the online web platform

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