Ways to improve your visual branding on Twitter.

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Date: November 12, 2015


Visual branding is all about creating a feeling and an image that your target audience can relate to you every time they see it. Most people tend to get confused between branding and marketing. Marketing is the first step towards creating a brand. Good marketing will get you a customer but good branding will get you a regular customer.


Branding is therefore an important tool for any business venture. A strong brand will definitely barricade your potential competitors from outdoing you. I will focus on branding on social media but most specifically on twitter. Below are ways to improve your visual branding on Twitter.


First and fore most, make use of images. The human brain processes images much more faster than texts. This means that with images you will communicate faster to your target audience compared to text. Pictures will easily attract someone to checking out your post.


Quality images. Its hard for someone to go past a good image without wanting to see what message it has. A pixelated image with poor colouring, lighting and shades, no resolution, bad exposure etc will definitely be a turn off to your audience.


Simplicity. Don’t have too much going on on a single image. The viewer might get confused or get the wrong message.


Consistency especially on the part of your logo. When you keep on changing your audience will get confused and won’t know what to relate to you. A good example is twitter itself. The moment you see a white dove you will link whatever you are seeing to twitter. This is because twitter consistently uses the white dove, it has never changed to a red eagle or pink owl.


Use captivating copies on your images. Let your wording lure the reader into wanting to find out more about you or about your product or service and even consider buying it.


Let your copy be precise and straight to the point. This way you will have communicated to your reader before they start getting bored of reading. Your copy should also be in sync with your image. If the two conflict it will only communicate how confused you are and no one wants to buy products from someone who is confused or doesn’t know how well to express themselves on social media.


The above tips will surely guide you into building a good visual brand on twitter. Keep in mind that a good brand goes a long way in determining the growth of your business venture and it helps keep your competitors at bay.

Post by Seline Awuor



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