Why Social Media Marketing for Kenyan SMEs?

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Date: September 22, 2011


Kenya’s current economic weather is hostile to businesses, particularly SMEs. The wobbling shilling (currently converting at 97.58 to the US$, having lost 19% of its value since January 2011), rising fuel, raw material and electricity prices are some factors that make running your SME nightmarish.    

Despite those and other hazards in your business environment, your SME still has to attract new customers. The current options of radio, print, TV, events, etc to achieve this goal are not only prohibitively expensive for your SME’s short-term financial health, but tracking their effectiveness is impossible. Word of mouth from satisfied clients is an inexpensive way of getting new business, but you can exponentially increase its effectiveness via social media.

Priceless return on investment

That’s why you should consider social media marketing to complement your other marketing efforts. Approximately 4 million Kenyans could access the Internet by June 2011, and a million of them had Facebook accounts, according to statistics from Internet World Stats.

Imagine if you could cultivate a relationship with your target audience on Facebook. The contagion from their ‘liking’ and recommending your SME could extend to their friends overseas: priceless. You’ll be wondering what your competitors are on about when they complain that, “Biashara ni mbaya.” And you haven’t covered other popular social media marketing territories like Twitter and Linkedin yet.

Our social media marketing team at Pamoja Media will be honoured to work with you in compiling and implementing a relevant social media marketing strategy that delivers a return on your investment for your SME. Contact us today.

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  2. Richard Masea

    Hi, I am Richard. Someone from the U.S. introduced me to affiliate marketing, have tried to work on it through writing articles, and having some blogs where they act as my sales page. Nimekwama coz havent attracted any sales, though have acquired some little knowledge about Optimisation, how to Rank well in Search engines, social media marketing and so on.
    Need some help if you guys can offer me a job.



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