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Date: October 17, 2011


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In the current Internet marketing climate, email marketing isn’t getting heavy rotation as SEO, paid search and social media marketing.

Two reasons could be the cause: due to the spamming menace as you need permission from your potential customer before you deliver your email into his inbox otherwise your email marketing message will land in the spam folder. Secondly, email requires much writing and rewriting and editing before getting it right and in these days of pressure to meet and exceed profit targets, most Internet marketers lose appetite to include it in their Internet marketing menu.

However, with the right strategy and tools, email marketing is not only cheap to implement, but it can pay handsomely on return on investment to SMEs’ Internet marketing efforts.

First, you need to build a database. You can do this by putting a sign-up form prominently on every page of your website and posting the links on your social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. To assure your recipients that you are not a spammer, you should declare on your sign up section that you won’t share their email messages with third parties. Add an incentive such as a discount or a gift to persuade people to sign up. Your database contacts should contain information such as name, title and company.

Second, you need to identify the objective of your email marketing campaign. Do you need your recipients to download research, make a purchase or subscribe to your company’s newsletter? Make ite clear in your call to action.

Third, depending on the quantity and duration of the emails you plan to send out, you will have to either write and send them yourself, or outsource distribution to email providers such as

Tomorrow’s post will examine the ingredients you need to add to your email marketing campaign to increase its chances of succeeding.

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