You want to display your work in different forms as a creative designer? Here is how to achieve that

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Date: June 20, 2014


Everyone has a different way of solving problems and each has his own way of thinking. As a designer, the way you think reflects on how you design and how you provide your clients with solutions. In the creative industry it is very important to master different sets thinking styles, so that you can easily switch between them.

As a designer coming up with concepts that makes your customers happy is key. Which then requires you to be versatile with your work. Don’t we all like to look at beautifully created designs, which sometimes grabs our attention to a given product. That’s mostly the effect you want to achieve, get the attention of your would be customers! Lets have a deeper look at the aspects of creative design:

You can make use of your customers and user experience to creatively design something different. Knowing what your customers think or feel helps you come up with something that will meet their unsatisfied needs and polish on what they feel has been fulfilled.

Videos and photographs that tell stories of what has already happened.  As a creative designer you can capture events to design something captivating that brings out the intentions of a particular design. Whatever you are aiming at, using photographs creates a sense of reality and as a designer you should take hold of this and manipulate it to your advantage. Take a look at this one web page design for example:

Afica_Expeditions Email Newletter 3
With such an appealing design lay out and proper use of images, it does make you want to go through the site and find out what the site is about. For a designer that would mean you achieved your goal.

Use of animations communicates a lot to your audience as a creative designer. Mainly because things are not limited to what they should be like in reality. For instance you can use an egg which has legs and can talk to convey a message. This is not acceptable in reality, but in the world of animations and cartoons, it does exist.

Fashion design is another aspect of creative design. As a designer you are not confined to using papers,computers,walls etc in order to bring out your design. You can manipulate the fabric or the appearance of a particular cloth in order to bring forth the creative ideas in your mind at the same time satisfy your targeted audience.

The design process is not always completed  as imagined, however proper execution of the creative process is an important phase that only comes to a stop when the vision has been created. At Pamoja Media we create simple concepts that reflect big ideas.

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